Monday, February 2, 2009

Father love

"My Father sees, my Father hears, my Father knows." (andrew murray)  Sometimes I forget that my Father already knows what's happening to me, that it's not a surprise when I can't find a job or my car breaks down with no backup in mind.  He sees, He hears, and yes He knows. He knows that I will inevitably cry out to Him, wondering why.  Yet He is patient with me, more patient with me then I am with my self I reckon.  A lot of times I let the image of earthly dads limit my picture of the Eternal everlasting Father.  When i started thinking about it, I came up with a list to try to put together the perfect father, and here's what i came up with, though i'm sure it's not an exhaustive list, and am open to suggestions.  He holds me, laughs with me, explains things to me, teaches me, asks me questions (even when He knows the answers) listens to pointless stories, rejoices in my victories, loves my dedication and perseverance, helps me when i fall, speaks words of encouragement when i fail, and instructs me.  He disciplines me when i'm disobedient, he loves me more than I'll understand.  He plays with me, works with me, points different things out to me.  He shares his wisdom with me, shares meals, rewards me, does stuff for me, fixes things for me, picks me up, comes to my rescue, makes me know I'm beautiful, has long talks about life with me, tells me if he thinks a guy's good enough for me, always wants what's best for me which doesn't necessarily mean easiest...He loves me and shows me this in too many ways to count. To think as Jesus presented this picture of God to the disciples, the judgement law God would have to be transformed into this Father picture, not just having laws to have laws, but out of love, laws to show His love and care for His precious ones.  And going beyond the law to save us with His Son.  Mercy triumphing over judgement.  Thank you beloved Father. You never change, you never fail.