Friday, June 21, 2013


Enter in.
Holy of Holies.
Guarding the mercy seat for eternity.
One at each end.
One with the mercy seat.
Wings stretched up toward heaven.
Facing each other.
Facing the seat.
They wait.
With great anticipation.
They wait.
For the One whose blood would finally satisfy the King.
Every year a man, with the blood of animal.
To satisfy the wrath of the King.  
Cherubim watching.
Blood poured out.
Gazing at each other anxiously.
Awaiting a day.
The day.
When blood would be shed for the last time. 
Gazing at each other.
At the mercy seat.
Year after year.
Sacrifice after sacrifice.
Waiting for the adoption of the sons.
The complete redemption of creation.
Waiting, groaning, longing, praising, loving, gazing
Until He comes.
He comes.
The One whose blood put an end to all other sacrifices.
As His body was rent, so also He rent the veil.
The curtain.
The wall.
The separation of man from God.
We are invited in.
Led into the King’s chambers.
Joining the Cherubim.
We take our place.
The edge of the mercy seat.
We turn our gaze.
From each other to the seat.
The ultimate sacrifice.
We gaze at the seat. 
Love manifested.
Eyes opened to the Way. 
So deeply. So truly. So wholly.
We turn our gaze.
To each other.
It is for each of us.
No one left behind.
Each person called.
The edge of the mercy seat.
Each deserves our love.
We love because He first loved us.
Looking at one another.
Eyes of love.
Encouraging each other.
Staying connected.
To each other.
To the mercy seat.
How deep the Father’s love.
Connected to that seat.
Of mercy.
Of Love.
Of Grace.
Poured in. Poured out.
We gaze upon lit faces.
Our arms are lifted high.
Reaching for our King.
Longing for Him to return.
In all His glory.
Surrendering all of ourselves.
To all of Him.
We’re holding on for life.
There’s no other place.
One with the mercy seat.
One with this Heart of Grace.
King of Kings.
We gaze at each other.
Great expectation.
Our King will return.
Calling us to Himself.
Once and for all.
We are here.
Holding on. Held on to.
Encouraging. Encouraged.
Reaching toward heaven. Embraced by heaven.
Waiting, groaning, longing, praising, loving, gazing.
Until He comes again.

Ex 25:19, 20 and Heb 9-10

Saturday, June 8, 2013

a thousand words

In no particular order, a few pictures from the last couple months. I'm hoping the whole "a picture is worth a thousand words" thing, covers for my delinquency in posting of the last several months...that's like 7,000 words, that seems like a lot, it might just work...
We hope you enjoy.
With our parents after the wedding, the precious lady
on the right is Ruudy's aunt Hellen who helped raise him, whom we call mommy,
she went to be with her Savior the 1st of May
Praying for Ruudy just before the wedding

At Tunyi Falls looking for land for a transformation center

The men a week before the wedding

One week before marriage

Ruudy, Betty and Musa playing Ludo

On the honeymoon near Fort Portal


We had a beautiful wedding and a short reception due to the blessing of rain. I know so many people were not able to come, due to the distance, who would have loved to be there. So first I want to say thank you for all of your support and encouragement from near and far. I think I will write about the wedding in our next newsletter.
I wish I could write a reflection on married life, but as I think of what to write, I don't know where to begin. Somehow it doesn't even seem real yet. Months of preparation and then it's over in a matter of seconds, I do, I do. We did, and now we're two become one, just like that.
I think the hardest thing must be unmet expectations. I expect certain things that I may or may not verbally express and he also has his expectations. And then to make it more confusing, i can assume what his expectations are and he mine, and cause even more confusion and doubt.
Like in my mind, I find myself allowing the enemy to discourage me, thinking thoughts like, I know he would probably be happier if he had married a Ugandan woman who would treat him like lord & master and do whatever he says. I know it's a lie and sometimes it takes time before I dismiss it as such. And my loving Father keeps calling me to Himself, telling me to trust Him. And Ruudy is being so supportive also and reassuring me of his love. It amazes me how I can feel so strong in my identity as a child of the King one minute and then have such superficial doubts the next (I may blame it on my womanly cycle though I don't have sufficient proof).
All that to say I am learning and though to be honest have gotten discouraged at my own poor thoughts, I press on. I know that I have the mind of Christ, and He is renewing my mind day by day. I don't live as someone who has no hope. I have hope.