Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Grateful to our Glorious God for our great graduates graduated!

As the students came to get sized for their graduation gowns, I had time to chat with them. One of our students works at the orphanage just up the street from us. Many of the staff there have been through our 10 month training program. I asked her how the things were going at the orphanage, she smiled and said that no kid has been to the hospital in 3 months. I asked her why, was it because they were praying for them and she said, 'yes, we have pastors there now.' The caretakers are still the same, it's not like they fired all of them and hired only pastors, but, because of the training they have been through they now know how to pray in a different way, and to care for the kids in a different way, and because of that the orphanage is now a healthier place for the babies and kids to grow in love! I said, praise God! She smiled a big smile and said, yes, we praise God for that!
These are the types of testimonies we love to hear! It's beautiful and a blessing to be able to hear of fruit from the planting of seeds in the hearts of church workers. It's our labor of love and it's awesome to see it effects so many people, from the tiniest, most forgotten of babies, to pastors of churches with hundreds of people. And to think people in the states are writing checks once a month, or maybe they even have their money automatically sent to support us each month, potentially they can even forget that each month they are investing in transforming lives in a far away place. So, if you are one of our regular financial supporters, when your money leaves your hands this month and goes to some little church in California, who then sends to some missionaries in some strange place called Jinja, where the river Nile begins it's journey to the Mediterranean, take time to praise God with us that He can use even that small (or big) act of faithfulness to impact deeper and broader than you can imagine. Because He is doing more than we can ask or imagine, with $20 or with a smile, or with a simple class on marriage.
We were studying with our workers the story of Jesus multiplying the loaves and fish and feeding over 4,000 men plus their families. He asked the disciples, what do we have to give this crowd to eat, and they told him they had only 7 loaves and some fish. But what they did have, they handed over to Jesus, who gave thanks and started breaking and distributing and there were 7 large basketfuls left over, (they had leftovers!?! Like it wasn't enough just to feed everyone) and I guess the disciples were just in awe and wonder.
 Let me encourage you today, that whatever it is that you have, as little as it may seem, offer it to Jesus with thanksgiving and let Him do whatever necessary and you will see the glory of God at work in your life. I'm not just saying money, I'm saying, any talent or gift you have, any kind word, or small prayer you can muster up, just give it up to the kingdom and watch Jesus do the work that only He can do. He will blow you away with His faithfulness when you are faithful with whatever small treasure He has given you.
We had our graduation on the 9th of April, and we had a great time celebrating with these students. What an honour to hear testimonies of students impacted and their impacting the people of their congregations, because of something they learned from our school, some move of God on their hearts in our 10 months of interacting.We were so humbled by it all.
On April 13 we started up with our next group of students, we had 25 students in the first class with more who say they are coming for the next class. We are excited to see how God works in these students as well! As the new students were introducing themselves and talking about why they had come for the training, more than of them shared that they witnessed the transformation in one of our previous students and had to come and see what it was all about. We don't advertise the school except through word of mouth, though it looks like transformed lives are also advertising the school as well now. Please keep praying for us. Pray with us for this next group of students, for us as teachers, counsellors, administrators, supervisors, mentors, friends, we often wear so many different hats. Pray for our co-laborer José as he has struggled with parkinson's disease and it's been causing him to feel weak some days and also makes it hard to speak, yet he is a brilliant teacher and has so much wisdom and insight to offer the students. Pray with us for his supernatural healing.  Thank you for standing with us! Our next class begins May 11th, it's entitled Caring for God's people. (Which if you make it to the end of the video one of our students shares how that class impacted her interaction with her congregation.) Blessings to you all.

The Graduates!
Us with Beckie's sister Christina and Benj

Sol & José, our fellow teachers
We are enjoying serving the Lord together!

Ruudy sharing at the graduation