Sunday, September 20, 2009

Song lessons II: even Obama will bow before Him

I kept forgetting to finish my song lesson series, well, more like a mini-series I guess, since this might be the last, though maybe not. This is from another song we sang at a church in Uganda. "We bow before You God, We bow before you Jesus, even the presidents, they bow before you, even Obama will bow before you." When I think about this, I am reminded that no matter how powerful we think certain humans have become, Jesus is still more powerful. Even I have the capacity, the capability to be more powerful than the president because I have the Holy Spirit and have authority by the blood of Jesus. It is weird to think about, but true. As followers of Jesus, the King of the entire universe invites us to ask of Him things, to approach His throne with confidence, tells us the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is in us. How responsible have I been with that power? Have I even done anything with that power, have a I realized it's potential yet, have I even scratched the surface? As I am here training to go to Soroti, Uganda, I hear of the powerful work of Christ around the world. I realize I need to be more sensitive to Him, to His direction, to His calling in day to day, moment by moment, and more open to what He calls me to now. I need to have a perspective of people out of love, always through the lense of the love of Christ.
So I didn't talk too much about the song, it got me thinking to say the least.