Tuesday, May 8, 2012

culture shock1 - shopping

I think culture shock it starting to hit...only three weeks after being in America..so i'm a little slow...and that seems to be one of the biggest things that's shocking. I was always slow, but either i'm slower or people are faster. I think I would have spent three hours, easily, today grocery shopping in meijer's if it wasn't for my friend to come and help speed things along. It's not that there were that many things on my list, but it's the store's just so big. And it's not like there is just "cheese" but there's colby-jack, colby, monterrey-jack, cheddar, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, and on and on, and then you can decide, yes, mozzarella is what i want and then there's a chunk of cheese or shredded, or finely shredded, or shredded with a little philadelphia cream cheese to add creaminess...then there's kraft or meijer or whatever other brands...wow...so yeah, and that's just the cheese, don't get me started on the breads...we have so many choices. And i guess i'm just not used to that and it makes me a little slow.  And then the store is so big, and i walk slow, even if i looked at nothing and just walked up and down the aisles at a "comfortable" pace it would take something like one hour...yeah. There are other things, but right now i just needed to get that off my chest. I wish I could come up with some great spiritual life application about this, but, I can't, i think my mind is still too over loaded with so many choices and information...let's wait a few days and see if i can think of anything.