Thursday, January 23, 2014


I was reading Luke 8 this morning, and after I finished the last sentence of the chapter, Holy Spirit was quietly whispering in my ear, "Beloved did you see that? Did you really see what you just read?" Then I thought back through each part of the chapter, what happened? There was a parable, Jesus redefines his family, and 4 different miracles happened. One demon possessed man restored, one storm silenced, one dead girl raised to life, and one lady healed of constant bleeding. Again Holy Spirit whispers, "This is your God, see His power. Over the spiritual realm, over nature, over death, over sickness." And this is all in one chapter. Now as I again look back through the chapter, I see just before this, at the very beginning of the chapter is the parable of the sower and seed. In this parable it is taught the importance of the Word of God in our lives, and then just after explaining the parable Jesus says, "My mother and brothers are those who hear God's word and put it into practice." Immediately after this statement follows the four different miracles, as if God is to say, "Hey, hello, uh, you see, if you listen to my Word and put it into practice, there's no limit to the power that you may experience in and through you." 
I guess I write this as an encouragement. That whatever you may be going through, cling to what God tells us in His word, cling to Jesus, and put it into practice in your life, let Jesus have His way in your heart and there's no telling how God is going to work in and through you. He has power over the physical and the spiritual and He has shared that power with those who believe in Him. We are partakers. So let's partake, and bring glory to His name and joy to our lives and the lives of those around us.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

it might be dry season if

It might be dry season if:
you find yourself almost wiping out in the sand every time you ride your bike around town
you shower three times in a day and still feel dusty
your lips have become like sand paper
your skin has become like crocodile skin
you sweep the house three times in a day and still it feels dusty
you find yourself laying on the cool floor tiles in the afternoon
you get passed by a car and your visibility goes down to zero
you drink 2 liters of water and you're still thirsty
you see babies are wrapped in only one blanket instead of 3 or 4
your hair turns a light shade of brownish-red after a trip from the village
you only stop to talk in the shade
you are sweating before 8am
you are sweating after 11pm
you try to dig and the hoe just bounces back of the hard ground
you don't even think about showering with hot water
you actually want the shower to be colder
your skirt gets blown up by the wind when riding your bike
it takes you twice as long to ride to the north than to the south
nothing happens between 2pm and 4pm
you go to the bank when you don't need any money just because it's the only place to cool down in town

Since all of these things are occuring now, I conclude by saying, that yes dry season is in full swing. It's hard to even think about 3 degrees Fahrenheit or negative degrees. We are definitely in opposite worlds right now. At least God always gives us the greater grace, whether it's too cold or too hot. We learn to be thankful in all circumstances. So thanking God with you this season.