Friday, June 5, 2015

God's Faithfulness in Uganda.

Hello everyone, welcome to the month of June! We hope you had a great time in May and will have a great time in June too. May was a great month for us ministry-wise. We saw God working in many ways and were busy doing ministry and are excited to share with you all some of the things the Lord counted us faithful to do.

To start off, we were invited by a Pastor's wife who is going through our course to start a sexual purity club in her school. The invitation was too good to turn down since we are both passionate about sexual abstinence. We visited the school to share with the staff and pupils about sexual abstinence and see if it was something they would be willing to embrace and follow. We found all the members of staff and pupils i upper primary gathered to meet us. I, (Ruudy), shared a little bit about the alarming statistics of HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy and abortion and brought forth the need to abstain if single or remain faithful if married. The message was well received with meekness and gladness and we had 6 members of staff volunteer their names to be trained as messengers of sexual purity. As i was about to close, i felt the nudge from the Holy Spirit to share a little bit about Christ and make an altar call and boom; we had 8 students and two teachers receive Christ! This was the first time we saw teachers receiving Christ in the same altar call with their students and the cheering from students and all of us was deafening! We left that place praising and worshiping the Lord. Pray for us as we start going there every Tuesday afternoon to teach and train these young people and their teachers about Christ-Centered Sexual Purity.
     Christ being confessed and welcomed to be Lord and King over these people's lives!

We had two classes in the month of May and "Professor" Beckie got her first taste of teaching this year. She did a great job teaching about the Spiritual and Physical connection of Health and Hygiene as well as a class on Action Plans. I was also involved in teaching three topics in Caring for God's People. We both enjoy being used by The Lord as His Hands and Feet to help train these hungry servants of His; it's a privilege that we don't take lightly and each time we hold classes, we have come to realize that these people trust us so much. Often times we have been contacted for a piece of advice and counsel on their private lives and ministry; which means that they trust us and think we can offer them wise counsel. Keep praying for us to continually receive wisdom and understanding from The Lord who lavishly gives us wisdom so that we can advice these people as best as we could.
Prof. Beckie Teaching a class.
Students learning how to wash hands well.


On the 24th of May, we were invited by our night security guard; who is also undertaking the training since he is an associate pastor to share in their church. We drove for about 20 minutes to this village church and i shared about "Running your own race". What struck me most was the liberty and freedom in which they worshiped the Master! Using the local drums, the praises were vigorous, Pure and Holy and you could literally feel the presence of the King in this papyrus walled church. We were both humbled and encouraged and as we ministered to the congregation afterwards through the laying on of hands and prayer, there were several testimonies afterwards. It was encouraging to see first hand and experience what God is doing and how He is worshiped in different ways. We were encouraged and plan for more of such visits in future. God is indeed a good God!
Good Hope Revival Church.

Our ministry in Soroti received a big boost this week. A good teacher friend from the States came to volunteer there for a week. She is going to be encouraging and empowering teachers in the school where we have the child sponsorship program at. She will share with them her teaching experience. She will also participate in Purity Club activities in the three schools we are involved in as well teach in our Bible Study and spend time playing with the kids. Yesterday, we were in Soroti and took her to the school and she already had a blast. Pray for Beth as she serves the Lord, pray that she will be able to minister and be ministered to as well. That her relationship with the Savior will be enhanced through this trip. It's always a joy to receive someone coming over to give some help. May be you could be the next one to come and help, you may want to pray about it!
Beth in a tree shade classroom

Beth and Beckie and a host teacher.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for our health. We are battling some health issues and need God's intervention, also pray for wisdom for our doctor and for a peace of mind for us, that we will keep trusting the Lord.

2. Pray for my citizenship process. We haven't heard back from USCIS and our attorneys are getting our Congressman involved. Pray for a speedy handling of this and also for provision for us to be able to come back to the States next month to complete the citizenship process.

3. This month we have three consecutive weeks of ministry starting from next week. We have two classes and a marriage retreat for our students coming up. Pray for strength, wisdom, finances and transformation of lives, marriages and ministries.

4. Pray for the health of our team mates. They are old and need the constant touch and encouragement of the Lord. Pray also that we will learn a lot from them as quickly as we can and that we will be good co-laborous with them.

5. Pray for the different ministries we are involved in, especially the sexual purity ministry; that it will become a national movement as the country fights HIV/AIDS.

Thank you all for your faithfulness. We make mention of you daily in or prayers and we pray that the Lord Himself will bless you, heal you, provide for you and walk with you daily. We hope to see some of you very soon. Blessings and love from both of us.