Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the eternal song

At the request of my friend Jennifer, I am posting something I wrote for a hiking/camping trip that the young adults from remembrance church went on near Lake Michigan a month or so ago...

Ok. Stop. Cease striving, and wait patiently, expectantly. Listen. Hear the rhythm of your breathing, of your heartbeat and then listen all around the waves, the trees, the birds. All proclaiming the Glory of God and at first it seems so subtle, so nonchalant, but if you just listen and watch. Listen to their testimony of His goodness, watch them proclaim His faithfulness. Notice the persistence, the relentlessness of the waves, crash, crash, crash, never stopping always working, so relentless is His love for you. The trees, rooted so deep, and yet the tiptops are so sensative to the wind, will go with the slightest breeze. So you, see how Christ wants you rooted deeply in His love, standing firm, yet recognizing, be sensative to moving with every move of the Spirit. And the birds, hear their joyful chorus. Join in, for they sing a new song and we must join them. Read Psalm 98 and Isaiah 55:12. Creation is calling out, proclaiming his glory. They are joining into the song that has been sung since Jesus took His spot at the right hand of the Father. Read Revelation 4. Really try to picture it, see creation around you joining in and then even yourself, if you're so bold. really just take a few minutes and listen, and join in. Sing the New Song, the song of the Lamb. Salvation is now. Just as the trees, the waves, the grass, the birds are doing what they were made to do. You too were made to live lives of worship and abundant life. Let Holy Spirit guide you into the presence of the King and you will be a changed person. Let Him pour the sweet refreshing Fountain of Life over you. Feel it. Let him soften your hearts and restore unto you the joy of your salvation. Salvation is now, it's not, wait until you die and then start praising Him. Join in the eternal song. Learn from the creation around you, see how everything is a shadow of what's to come. Watch, listen, and then join in, relax and let your heart be molded in His presence.

What makes your heart hard? What makes it so hard to just sit and listen and worship? What is most distracting in your life right now? What needs to get cut out, what needs to get brought in? How ca we, as the church around you, best serve you? What are you guarding your heart so closely? What are you afraid of? The purpose of God cannot be thwarted (Job 42:2). Read Job 42:2-6. What is your response? Will you join the eternal