Friday, June 21, 2013


Enter in.
Holy of Holies.
Guarding the mercy seat for eternity.
One at each end.
One with the mercy seat.
Wings stretched up toward heaven.
Facing each other.
Facing the seat.
They wait.
With great anticipation.
They wait.
For the One whose blood would finally satisfy the King.
Every year a man, with the blood of animal.
To satisfy the wrath of the King.  
Cherubim watching.
Blood poured out.
Gazing at each other anxiously.
Awaiting a day.
The day.
When blood would be shed for the last time. 
Gazing at each other.
At the mercy seat.
Year after year.
Sacrifice after sacrifice.
Waiting for the adoption of the sons.
The complete redemption of creation.
Waiting, groaning, longing, praising, loving, gazing
Until He comes.
He comes.
The One whose blood put an end to all other sacrifices.
As His body was rent, so also He rent the veil.
The curtain.
The wall.
The separation of man from God.
We are invited in.
Led into the King’s chambers.
Joining the Cherubim.
We take our place.
The edge of the mercy seat.
We turn our gaze.
From each other to the seat.
The ultimate sacrifice.
We gaze at the seat. 
Love manifested.
Eyes opened to the Way. 
So deeply. So truly. So wholly.
We turn our gaze.
To each other.
It is for each of us.
No one left behind.
Each person called.
The edge of the mercy seat.
Each deserves our love.
We love because He first loved us.
Looking at one another.
Eyes of love.
Encouraging each other.
Staying connected.
To each other.
To the mercy seat.
How deep the Father’s love.
Connected to that seat.
Of mercy.
Of Love.
Of Grace.
Poured in. Poured out.
We gaze upon lit faces.
Our arms are lifted high.
Reaching for our King.
Longing for Him to return.
In all His glory.
Surrendering all of ourselves.
To all of Him.
We’re holding on for life.
There’s no other place.
One with the mercy seat.
One with this Heart of Grace.
King of Kings.
We gaze at each other.
Great expectation.
Our King will return.
Calling us to Himself.
Once and for all.
We are here.
Holding on. Held on to.
Encouraging. Encouraged.
Reaching toward heaven. Embraced by heaven.
Waiting, groaning, longing, praising, loving, gazing.
Until He comes again.

Ex 25:19, 20 and Heb 9-10

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