Monday, March 1, 2010


This morning when I was praying for USA, I asked God what I should be praying for. I began praying for the christian youth, that their parents would not try too hard to keep them safe. While safety is a good thing most the time, protecting or attempting to protect people from some things can actually hurt them I just kept praying that God would give courage to the youth of the nation to follow hard after Him, that they would not cling to this life too strongly, but willing to lay down their life for Christ. And for courage for the parents of these children that they would let go of them, entrust them to God. For me maybe it's easier said then done, because I have not had children yet, but I am praying even now for my future children that they would be willing to lay down their life for Christ and for myself that I would not get in the way of this, but actually encourage complete obedience to Christ whatever that may look like.
Later, during worship time God reminded me that He is always with me, and that His angels are protecting me and will continue to do so in the future. He also began showing me how strongholds are broken during worship, though i do not even pretend to understand all of it, or at least how to put it in to english words.

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