Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LPT 21-22

Today as i was praying I was blown away by the church, the bride of Christ. Thank you Jesus for praying for us that we would have unity. So many times I only see the seperation in the church, the discrepancies, but today as I was praying for Luka and his family, I was amazed to think of how many different churches from different denominations and people from different countries were praying, practically the whole city of Grand Rapids it seemed like and more. It has been beautiful to see the way the church has responded to such a hard/heartbreaking situation. When there is a need the church does come together often, and I pray for more unity. That as the days get scarier and scarier, the church would be refined more and more and continue to respond in love, when governements are frustrated and kings and presidents wearied, let the church serve Jesus throughout the earth, in the hardest placest, let the love of Christ be sown by the work of a unified bride. Let us not be afraid to go deep with each other, to suffer with each other, rejoice with one another, Jesus prayed that the church might have the same kind of unity that the Father has with the that's something to think about.

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Kathleen said...

It sure is something to think! Thanks for sharing, Beckie. Luka is in my prayers, as well as you and Jennifer as you work towards your goal.